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Echidna Embroider-Along - Love Notes Mystery

Join the adventure of this fun and exciting Love Notes Mystery Quilt project from Kimberbell. Experience the joy of creativity and sign up to this project, sight unseen!

Each week you'll receive a 'Love Note' in the mail and you'll anticipate, discover and stitch a new quilt block following the instructions. The excitement will build over the course of five weeks and all your quilt blocks will come together to unveil a beautiful quilt that you have never seen before!

It's a complete mystery and even we have no idea what the project looks like! Here is what we do know...
  • From today, you can sign up here and you will receive a free design for sewing or embroidery.
  • The mystery runs for 5 weeks from mid-August.
  • In the first week you will receive Week 1 instructions and the embellishment and fabric kit (if purchased).
  • You will continue to receive a Love Note instruction sheet each week for 5 consecutive weeks until your quilt is complete.
  • The Mystery quilt size is 40 x 40".

It's all a bit cryptic but that is the best part of this project! Have some fun, take on something new and create a beautiful quilt without knowing the end result.

Please note: In this Embroider-along, we will be using the embroidery version of this project however you can also stitch-along with us using the sewing version. 

Kemberbell Love Notes Quilt

To participate all you need is to purchase either the Love Notes Machine Embroidery Project or the Love Notes Sewing Project from Echidna Sewing.

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