The Echidna Control-A-Twist thread stand prevents specialty threads (including metallics), from twisting and knotting! As you stitch, the thread is released from the top of the thread spool and curls itself around the shaft of the thread stand. From there is travels in an upward spiral motion resulting in a smooth, even feed to the machine.

With the Echidna Control-A-Twist it doesn't matter what type of thread that you are using, or the spool size; as it has an extendable shaft to adjust to the correct height. Trouble free stitching every time!


Shipping Weight 0.2000kg

These are great for all threads. I now use my Con

13 October 2018
I got mine with my package when I first bought the NV950. I didn't start using it until recently as I was happy to use the spool holder on the machine. I set this up when I was sewing with a twin needle rather than setting up the second spool holder. It makes changing threads faster and I don't need to working about using spool caps or nets. Pleasure to use. I wish I used this from the word go.

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