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This kit contains all the materials you need to create one-of-a-kind personalized rhinestone projects! You will need a Windows or Mac computer to activate the Rhinestone Kit code and to use the rhinestone function via ScanNCutCanvas.

What's included:

  • 100 rhinestone patterns available at ScanNCutCanvas, plus the ability to create your own rhinestone patterns
  • 4 colours of hot fix rhinestones
  • Template materials, pick-up tool and brush
  • Activation code for ScanNCutCanvas Rhinestone Function

What is ScanNCut Canvas?

ScanNCutCanvas is a Brother cloud-based web application that combines the versatility of your favourite design software and the awesome cutting power of your Brother™ ScanNCut. It’s free to use, and because it’s cloud-based all you need is an Internet connection, there is no need to buy or install any special software on your computer.

Access ScanNCut Canvas

Go to – you will need to create a once-off account so you can create and save your very own designs to .FCM (the native file format required to work with ScanNCut designs). You’ll also be able to easily import and convert .SVG files to .FCM while the Image Tracing function allows you to open and trace JPG, GIF, PNG or BMP images. Of course, a number of other editing functions can also be accessed.

ScanNCutCanvas includes a number patterns; basic, border, logo and text. Rhinestone patterns will be unlocked and available to you once your upgrade kit has been activated. All of the patterns within the app can tweaked and edited, allowing you to create and save your masterpiece into your ‘Projects’ folder within the app.

So as you can see, ScanNCutCanvas is a fantastic cloud-based app which will allow you to greatly expand your craftwork by importing projects that you have created or edited with ScanNCutCanvas into your ScanNCut cutting machine, via the ScanNCut memory stick port. And best of all ... it’s FREE to use!




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Barcode: 4977766742740

Rhinestone Starter Kit

By: Julie on 17 August 2021
I just love this kit it makes putting rhinestones for embellishment on a garment so easy. so glad I bought this kit.

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