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Brother PQ1600S Straight Stitch Sewing Machine

Fast and efficient sewing, perfect for serious quilters and sewists

The Brother PQ1600S Sewing and Quilting Machine is the perfect choice for those who value both speed and precision. It is a must-have addition to any sewing room, especially for serious quilters and sewists. This machine boasts a sleek modern design and a heavy-duty construction that enables it to handle high-speed sewing and quilting tasks with ease. One of its standout features is the push-button automatic thread trimmer which not only saves you time but also ensures that the quality of your sewing projects remains uncompromised. With its advanced capabilities, the Brother PQ1600S Sewing and Quilting Machine is ready to tackle any project you throw its way.

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Brother PQ1600S

Brother PQ1600S Presser Foot Pressure Dial

Presser-foot pressure dial

To ensure optimal presser foot pressure and feed dog height, the machine features a colour-coded presser foot pressure knob which can be adjusted accordingly.

Advanced needle threading

Efficiently threading the needle not only saves valuable time but is a hassle-free process. The PQ1600S features an advanced needle threading system, making the process extremely easy!

Brother PQ1600S Needle Threading

Brother PQ1600S Thread Tension Control

Thread tension control

Achieve accurate tension control and adjust it accordingly with the convenient thread tension dial.

Feed dog adjuster

The PQ1600S offers optimal fabric control through its clearly marked four colour-coded levels for adjusting the feed dog and presser foot pressure.

Brother PQ1600S Feed Dog Adjustments

Brother PQ1600S Removable Knee Lift

Built-in knee lift

With the PQ1600S, you can effortlessly elevate and lower the presser foot using its convenient knee lifter, allowing you to freely adjust or remove your fabric without needing to use your hands.

Easy access to the industrial bobbin area

Change bobbins quickly and easily with the easily accessible bobbin system.

Brother PQ1600S Easy access to bobbin

Brother PQ1600S Needle Stop Position

Custom Needle Stop Position

You have the ability to preprogramme the needle position to be in the up or down position when the machine stops.

Automatic thread cutter

With the touch of a button both top and bottom threads are neatly cut and threads are instantly reset for the next sewing operation.

Brother PQ1600S Automatic Thread Cutter

Brother PQ1600S Precision Pin Feeding

Pin Feed Mechanism

With the PQ1600S, you have the option to replace the feed dogs with a pin that emerges smoothly from underneath the machine. This pin is capable of moving all layers of your quilt together or handling delicate velvet fabrics without leaving any marks from feed dogs on the nap.

Stitch Length Selector

The machine features an easy-to-use dial which allows you to manually change the stitch length as you desire.

Brother PQ1600S Stitch Length Selector

Other features include

  • Bright LED light
  • Lightning-fast sewing speeds up to 1500spm
  • 11.1" x 23.3" wide table
  • Large 5.7" x 8.7" needle-to-arm space
  • Built-in cone thread stand
  • Adjustable bobbin winding speed
  • 4-step Drop feed/Free Motion
  • Quilting feet included
  • Screw hole for accessories

Brother PQ1600S Straight Stitch Sewing Machine

Echidna Sewing Brother PQ1600S Straight Stitch Sewing Machine features

What's in the box

  • General purpose foot
  • Rolled hem foot
  • Zipper foot
  • Invisible zipper foot
  • 1/4" foot
  • Free motion quilting foot
  • Pin feed foot
  • Knee lifter
  • Fabric separator
  • Feed pin
  • Feed pin changer
  • Wide extension table
  • Dust cover
  • Additional accessories included in the box

Brother Warranty

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