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Made for Embroidery with Echidna

Thank you for joining us. We hope you enjoyed this event and had a wonderful time. Incase you missed it, you can view a playback of the event here →

During the event, we discussed how to flip a design and create a mobile, how to create and edit designs using the brilliant My Design Center technology, and more. You can find all of this information below.

Echidna Brother Australia Made For Embroidery

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Embroidered Hanging Mobile Project

Complete any nursery with a beautiful embroidered hanging mobile. This project can make a lovely gift for expecting parents, or even your own bundle of joy.

To create this mobile, we used our very own Echidna design pack, Patchy Safari. They’re perfectly suited to all genders and are so cute they’re sure to bring smiles!

Embroider a baby mobile

Essentials to make an embroidery mobile

Below are some of the essentials we used to create our mobile project. Using these fabulous products will ensure brilliant embroidery results. 

Echidna Washaway Stabilizer


Echidna Washaway stabilizer lends support and stability during embroidery then easily dissolves in warm water. It’s ideal for lace, appliques and freestanding projects where both sides of embroidery will be seen. It can also be used as a backing for sheer fabrics like organza or tulle.

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Hot Melt Film

Hot Melt Film

Hot Melt Film is a clear, heat-set film ironed on to an embroidered design to create a badge, which is then ironed onto fabric. The plastic film-like double-sided glue has paper on one side for heat application and provides more permanent adhesion than Hot Melt Web.

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White Organza

White Organza

Crystal Organza is great for dimensional embroidery designs such as 3D flowers, butterflies, Christmas decorations, bookmarks and much more. It provides strength and stability to your designs and gives body to your garment.

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Soldering Iron

Soldering Iron

The Mini Gas Soldering Iron is used to gently burn away excess organza on a freestanding design. It’s simple and easy to use, and allows you to create flawless freestanding designs. Alternatively, you can also use the Professional Touch Rhinestone Applicator →

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Embroidery Designs

These Echidna Designs are great for creating patches, badges or an embroidered baby mobile suitable for all genders! Some of the designs are symmetrical which is great for mirroring, and some can easily be flipped to match back to back. As you would have seen in our event, flipping a design is quick and simple using today's wonderful technology! Just remember, letters and words are not suitable for mirror imaging.

Echidna Designs Tropical Fish 1
Echidna Designs Sleepy Dinosaurs
Echidna Designs Butterflies 2
Echidna Designs Planes
Echidna Designs Cars 1
Echidna Designs Cute Kitties
Echidna Designs Boo Monster 2
Echidna Designs Dinosaurs
Echidna Designs Sleeping Sky Bears 2
Echidna Designs Patchy Lady Frogs 2
Echidna Designs Gingerbread Story
Echidna Designs Baby Koala

View recommended Echidna designs →

If you're more interested in badge making, check out our tutorial and see just how easy it is to create an embroidered patch or badge. View tutorial →

Design Registration YouTube
Hot Melt Web vs Hot Melf Film YouTube

Echidna Summer Drink

The future of embroidery is here with
Brother My Design Center

My Design Center offers design capabilities that you’ve only dreamt of, and allows you to create custom works of art without a PC or software.

We have drawn an illustration and imported this file into our machine. After pressing a few buttons, within just a few minutes the image was transformed into stitches ready to be embroidered.

Watch our videos below to see just how easy it is to use My Design Center.

Orginally, My Design Center was featured only on the Brother Dream Machine. Now with the development of revolutionary advanced technology, the incredible My Design Center feature can also be found on the Stellaire series, Luminaire, PR1050X and PR1055X.

My Design Center YouTube
My Design Center YouTube

Brother Stellaire

The Brother Stellaire series will allow you to experience the freedom and comfort of sewing, and master your embroidery skills using the all-new My Design Snap mobile app. With incredible features including built-in designs, stitch selection options, built-in tutorial videos, My Design Center and so much more, the Stellaire machines will open doors to amazing opportunities.

View embroidery only version → View sewing & embroidery version →
Brother Stellaire

Brother Luminaire

Brother Luminaire

The Brother Luminaire features technology beyond the light year scale, with new quilting innovations and app-based capabilities and more. You'll have expressive freedom to create a library of projects using My Design Center, My Design Snap, StitchVision technology and so much more. Plus, doing all this using the large HD LCD touch screen as well as the expansive workspace and embroidery area really makes it a luxurious experience.

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Brother PR1055X

Perfect for your creative side and your business side, the Brother PR1055X will let your imagination and creativity run wild. The large 14" x 8" embroidery area is perfect for large projects, including quilts and jacket backs. With 10-needle speed, auto threading, My Design Center, wireless LAN capability and many more incredible features, you can take your embroidery to a whole new level.

View PR1055X →
Brother PR1055X

Looking for more inspiration?

We created two beautiful projects using designs created with My Design Center. The Sewing Notion design pack is perfect for any sewing enthusiast! View Design Pack →


We hope we have provided you with inspirational ideas to help you get creative and that you learned something exciting from our event! Don't forget to share what you have made in our Echidna Sewing & Embroidery Community on Facebook. Join in the conversation today →

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