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How to save Youtube videos

You might find a YouTube video that would like to save to your hard drive. This could include instructional videos, guides, information about your machine or how to use a particular software.

Follow the few simple steps below to save your video to file. 

Copy and paste the video link

1. YouTube – On the video page that you would like to save and download a file for a later use, copy the URL which is shown below as the top link address. This will always start with http://www...

Youtube link

Youtube Clip Converter

2. We use the website Youtube Clip Converter to convert these files over.

3. Visit and paste your youtube link into the Media URL to Download text field as shown below.

Clip Converter

Choose the correct file format

4. Underneath there are a few different format types that you can choose from. We suggest choosing MP4 due to the fact you can use this on most tablet devices. 

The following screen will be displayed when choosing MP4. Please keep the below settings. 

Clip Converter MP4

5. Select the Continue button.

Choose the correct file size

6.  The screen below will now be displayed.

You need to firstly decide what type of file size you need, which is dependent on what you are doing with it and what type of internet connection you have. 

  • If you have a very fast connection and are happy to download the best quality movie you can, choose the High Definition (highest).
  • If you have a slow internet connection with very limited download quota each month we recommend downloading the Standard Quality (lowest).
  • If you just want something in-between choose the High Quality (medium).

In the File Name field type in a name for your video.

 Clip Converter File Size

7. Now press the START! button. Your video will now be converted to a movie file for you to download.

Clip Converter

Save your file

8. The screen below will appear once the Youtube movie has finished being converted.

Select the download button to download this movie.

Clip Converter

Useful tip

If you are unsure about where your file is saved to you can right click on the Download button and select "Save link as..." to save it to a location you can find.

Clip Converter Save

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