Embroider Buddy charms

Embroider Buddy charms main image

Donna from Embroider Buddy has recently teamed together with Sarah Staughn from Embroidery Soup to create these gorgeous Embroider Buddy charms that are specifically for the Embroider Buddy collection. 

They have digitized a number of these charms that are available free with any purchase of any Embroider Buddy stuffed animal. These beautiful charms are another way to make it even easier to add a little flair and creativity to your next Embroider Buddy project.

Embroidery Buddy Charms

How to get an Embroider Buddy charm

With so many options, and more being added frequently, the hardest part about getting a charm is choosing which design to use! It’s as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Purchase an Embroider Buddy
  2. Visit the Embroidery Soup web page dedicated to Embroider Buddy charms
  3. Register online and then download the free companion designs.