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Embrilliance - 10 Years on

It’s hard to believe that Embrilliance Embroidery Software is celebrating 10 years in Australia. Founder and developer Brian Baillie from the USA is rightfully very proud of his achievements, as Embrilliance is now the most popular home embroidery software in the world. Its diverse, easy to use feature list is still growing with the pending release of the next version, incorporating an incredible new set of features - and it’s a FREE update for existing owners!

Whether you only want a basic program to resize and customize, or some of the most advanced digitising features available, Embriliance has modules to suit you and your budget. 

Affordable modular system 
Aside from its “Brilliance”, it’s the modular system that makes the Embrilliance suite so appealing.  You can grow the software when, and if, you need to, and there is no penalty for taking the “steady as she goes” approach.  Start your Embrilliance journey with any module you like and adding a new module is as simple as entering a serial number into your existing program. There is no need to pay for features that you won’t use. 

Windows or MAC and how many computers?
Your Embrilliance license is for as many computers as you own, and you can even mix Mac and Windows simultaneously.

Support - you’re more than covered
Apart from endless phone, online and in store support from Echidna and Embrilliance, users are covered by hundreds, if not thousands, of fabulous educational videos on YouTube.  Simply search Embrilliance in the YouTube search bar.

Facebook communities
Its global popularity has also spawned some wonderful Facebook groups where like-minded people are always willing to share their experiences and help others. To join in and learn, all you need to do is search ‘Embrilliance’ in Facebook.

Is there a demo version?
Yes, you can download a fully functional non-saving demo version which has the added benefit of allowing you to only turn on the modules you’re interested in. You can choose either a single, module, multiples or the entire suite.

Free regular updates?
Good software is always evolving and Embrilliance updates are both free, and easy to install.  

“No Interest” payment plans 
In conjunction with Embrilliance, Echidna can offer any number of interest and fee free payment plan options. With terms from 4 weeks to 12 months, it’s easy to set up by calling Echidna on 1800 000 360.

90 day return policy
This kind of policy is rare in the world of software. It’s also rare for anyone to want or need to return Embrilliance, but if Embrilliance just doesn’t fit the bill for you, a refund is available. There are a couple of very logical conditions to this, and the return policy can be viewed on our website. 
WhICH embroidery machines is it compatible with?
Everything! Yes, every home and industrial machine user can benefit from the Embrilliance software.

Imminent price rise 
The Aussie Dollar has (at the time of writing this) dropped below 70 US cents and unfortunately, we need to reflect this in our Aussie pricing. If the dollar stays low, then August 1 may see a price rise, so get your orders in now to avoid paying more. 

Which module should I start with? 
Everyone has different needs, but we recommend the basic Essentials level as at least a starting point. For others the whole suite may be more appealing. Let’s break it down:

Embrilliance Essentials →
Advanced customizing, resizing, lettering
Embrilliance Enthusiast →
Advanced editing
Embrilliance Density Repair Kit →
Clean up stitches and fix designs
Embrilliance Alpha Tricks →
Basic customizing & font design manager
Embrilliance Advanced →
Includes all of the above programs plus an extra 32 interactive fonts & more
Embrilliance StitchArtist Level 1 →
Entry level creative digitising software
Embrilliance StitchArtist Level 2 →
Advanced digitising and includes level 1
Embrilliance StitchArtist Level 3 →
Top of the range and includes Level 1 & 2
Embrilliance Thumbnailer →
Easily view embroidery designs on Mac or Windows PC
Full Embrilliance Suite →
Includes Essentials Advanced, Stitch Artist Level 3 + Embrilliance Thumbnailer